Open standard for interoperable, decentralised, real-time communication


CybrApp is an open standard for interoperable, decentralised, real-time communication platform over IP. CybrApp is derived from the Open Communication platform Matrix. It can be used to power Instant Messaging, VoIP/WebRTC signaling and IoT communication. The source reference implementation is based on Matrix-compatible Servers, Client SDKs and Application Services for new communication solutions or extend the capabilities and reach of existing ones.


CybrApp initial goal is to provide a SaaS and IaaS private communication platform for those who know that security and controlling your own communication environment is the key message. For those who doesn’t rely on external communication platforms like Whatsapp (Facebook) or Telegram.

CybrApp key elements

CybrApp is able to provide an own branded secure and reliable platform as a service or as a on-premises solution. Fully controlled by our or your own staff to maintain the communication environment from end to end (Client to Server). CybrApp is able to train your staff in maintaining the communication environment. Based on feature requirements, CybrApp is able to develop these requirements as business needs. To be more in control over all your mobile assets, we are able to assist you to integrate CybrApp in your existing MDM (mobile Device Management) environment or we are able to help you setup and integrate a new MDM platform.

Providing of the following can and/or will be part of the communication environment:

  • Client (Web (React), iOS, Android)
  • Own branded Client’s and web frontend
  • Business-servers (Synapse virtual)
  • Optional Application services (bridges to IRC, Skype, Slack and more)
  • Optional MDM platform


The functionality that CybrApp provides includes:

  • Creation and management of fully distributed chat rooms with no single points of control or failure
  • Eventually consistent cryptographically secure synchronization of room state across a global open network of federated servers and services
  • Sending and receiving extensible messages in a room with (optional) end-to-end encryption
  • Extensible user management (inviting, joining, leaving, kicking, banning) mediated by a power-level based user privilege system.
  • Extensible room state management (room naming, aliasing, topics, bans)
  • Extensible user profile management (avatars, display names, etc.)
  • Managing user accounts (registration, login, logout)
  • Use of 3rd Party IDs (3PIDs) such as email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook accounts to authenticate, identify and discover users on CybrApp.
  • Trusted federation of identity servers for: - Publishing user public keys for PKI

CybrApp secure messenger client

CybrApp uses specific client forked from Element and uses web, desktop and mobile devices version of the client. The look and feel are similar as Whatsapp and Telegram.



  • Advanced online communication tools
  • Fully encrypted messages to allow safer corporate communication, even for remote workers
  • Decentralized chat based on the Matrix open source framework
  • File sharing securely with encrypted data while managing projects
  • Video chats with Voice over IP and screen sharing
  • Easy integration with your favourite online collaboration tools, project management tools, VoIP services and other team messaging apps

It allows self-hosting to give users maximum ownership and control of their data and messages.

Privacy and encrypted messaging

CybrApp client protects you from unwanted ads, data mining and walled gardens. It also secures all your data, one-to-one video and voice communication through end-to-end encryption and cross-signed device verification.

And gives you control over your privacy while allowing you to communicate securely with anyone on the CybrApp network, or other business collaboration tools by integrating with apps such as Slack.

Own your data

You decide where to keep your data and messages. Without the risk of data mining or access from third parties.

  • Self-host your account by running a server on your own IT infrastructure
  • Sign up for an account on a custom server by simply subscribing to the CybrApp Services hosting platform

Business interest

CybrApp would be the ultimate solution for companies, governments and healthcare institutions, where communication, privacy integrity and availability are of a high importance. Create your own communication environment on-premise as a SaaS solution in your own datacenter or in Azure or AWS. You will be in control of your own servers and which clients are able and allowed to use your communication services.

Success story

For privacy reasons, we are unable to mention our CybrApp customers and partners.

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